FAV QUOTE FRIDAY | ECO LIVING: Environmental Destruction or Sustainability? The Need For Effective Action and Call for #PositiveChange

100% GMO canola/rapeseed field 
"We're in a giant car,
heading for a brick wall,
and everyone is arguing over where to sit."
~David Suzuki, geneticist, anti-GMO activist

 (photo of Central California Coastline by Rodney Washington)
"It's not too late to save the planet...
Every single one of us makes an impact
on this planet every single day.
But we have a choice
as to what impact we’re going to make.”

~Jane Goodall
De-forested Rainforest area
 People who will not sustain trees
will soon live in a world
which cannot sustain people."
~Bryce Nelson
Tar Sands production field in Canada

“There is a tendency at every
important but difficult crossroad
to pretend that it's not really there.”

~Bill McKibben, The End of Nature
Read the interview with Bill in The New Yorker

For me, ecouraging #positivechange
 is not just a slogan. It is a call to action.
A reminder that every day, all of us, as citizens of the Earth,

make choices that affect the earth.
And of how easy and how very important it is
to make choices that make a positive difference...

To make decisions that consider not only 
you, and your immediate needs or wants, 
but to consider the needs of others, as well,
and even those who will come after you.
#PositiveChange is about
your personal legacy 

to humankind and to the earth. 
Are you in?
What kind of #positivechange
have you made today?

I'd love to hear your feedback.
Agree? Disagree?

live beautifully,