ECO FASHION: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Seek, Buy, Wear Sustainable Non-GMO Organic Cotton

1. Non-GMO:
As opposed to GM cotton, Organic cotton
gives the control and choice of seed back to farmers,
has no unknown side-effects,
no corruption of natural seed genetic makeup
and no coerced contracts with Monsanto or
other Agro-Bio-Tech companies.

(Monsanto currently controls more than
95% of all conventional cottonseed and sales in India.)

2. Saves Water:
Organic Cotton uses less water to grow, and does not
pollute the ground water in farming areas.

and uses less water to process

3. Naturally Soft
Organic cotton naturally produces a

smoother, more durable fiber
than industry-grown cotton, which then needs
additional chemicals to soften and smooth the fibers.
Organic has no harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin, 

something especially helpful to those with allergies and sensitivites.

Organic cotton is safer for your baby

4. Helps Combat Global Warming, Improves Biodiversity: 
Organic cotton farming uses less energy and
creates healthy organic soils, which store more carbon and
produce up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.
Healthy soils remove CO2 from the atmosphere,
helping ground water, biodiversity, and soil condition.

5. No Toxic/Carcinogenic Pesticides, Herbicides or Chemical Fertilizers:
Reduces air, soil and water pollution,
eliminating the source of cotton farmers and workers
illness and death caused by toxic pesticides.
Over 77 million farmers/workers of conventionally grown cotton
suffer from some level of pesticide poisning each year.
Also helps bees, bats, hummingbirds and all other pollinators.

Along with your organic food,
please look for
and buy organic clothing!

And, as always, 
live beautifully!


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