MINDFUL ECO LIVING: 9 Things You Can Do Today To Live a Greener, More Eco Conscious Life

Turn off water while while washing hands and face,
brushing teeth or shaving in the shower.
Use a bin to wash dishes instead of running tap.
Install low-flow faucet & shower heads.
Re-use 'waste' water for plants, lawns or gardens.
Water lawns & gardens only 2-3 times a week, not daily.

Clean and recycle all plastics, clean paper,
glass and metals, via local, home or office recycling,
or pack it up weekely and bring to recycling center.
Drop off all batteries, small electrical items via local HazMat programs/centers,
or bring it to a local Best Buy

 Don't throw things out so easily. Save yourself money by resisting
the habit of 'go get a new one'. Before you do that, think if it can be
repaired, recycled, reused, repurposed or donated to others.
Have a Garage Sale and make some money off that stuff
cluttering up your storage areas. Give new life to something
you no longer need or want, to keep it from going into the landfill.
Make sure your 'Toss' bin is for 'Toss into Recycling'!
Do not throw out old clothes, shoes,
handbags, backpacks or tote bags anymore.
Go through your closet and clear out items
(For tips, see here)
Give to a church, local recycling, or your
local independent or a major thrift store.
(we love Out Of The Closet)
Anything not in good enough condition to donate should be
cut up and used as rags for dusting
and clean-ups instead of paper towels.
Also great for floor cleaning, house and window cleaning
and car clean-up and care.
Revamp your closets and repurpose or donate anything
you haven't used in the past year or more.

Buy less food, and freeze if needed, to be sure
you eat all you purchase and don't have to throw any out.
Grow a garden, got to farmer's markets for grocery shopping.
Buy more produce, beans and grains and less meat, as meats take
more energy and are very water intensive to raise and process.
Before  your produce goes bad, freeze or blend any that is getting overipe.
You can also consider going vegetarian or vegan.

Read all labels of all your cleaners, cleansers, washing liquids,
shampoos and conditioners, soaps, lawn and garden care, 

and bug killers throughout your home.
There are now so many
DIY, eco-friendly products
effective and safe ways
to clean and get rid of pests,
that you should eliminate as many of the
toxic chemicals from your house as possible,
as many have been now shown to be so toxic as to be
dangerous to your health, even with limited use.
Seek to clear poisons from your house and yard to protect
not only the environment, but the groundwater, pets, kids,
wildlife, and your own health.
Breathing or touching these chemicals is dangerous.
If any you feel are a must, use gloves, eye protection and good
ventialtion in all cases and use with care according to directions.

Change light bulbs, but
do NOT use compact flourescents,
as they cannot thrown away or recycled
because they contain toxic mercury.
Do not use halogens because they
are a fire hazrd in many cases.
Buy LED lights, and even though initially expensive,
they will save you money for their efficient energy use,
and save you from almost ever having to replace them,
due to extremely long life.
For electrial use, turn off anything not being used
throughout your house. Set a particular circuit breaker strip
for charging small and personal electronics.

Disconnect all charged items,
turn off,
or unplug strip each night. 

Turn off all lights, TV's music, video, computer equipment,
modems, routers at night.
Even be diligent to clear your e-mail,
phone and all trash
  and unused  items often,
as it takes energy to store them.


Try using naturally derived, and sustainable products,
in your home and at work, to replace plastics and disposables.

Clean and reuse plastics that are commonly thrown away.
Consider the source of a product for its
sustainability and eco-friendly qualities

and become a more conscious comsumer.
(for some great ideas for natural decor  for
the upcoming holiday season, see my post)

Think everyday, of all your personal habits,
while shopping, driving, eating out, traveling, 

or even just your home routine...
and  think about how each one 

might be possible to alter just a little,
to gain a lot of good, green effect!

Clear your mind of Can't.
All you need do 
is set your mind to it.

Please add your own tips in the comments section!
I'd love to hear what you do to live eco/green & beautifully!



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