MINDFUL LIVING | FASHION: 10 Step Revamp To A Detoxed, Organic, Organized Wardrobe, from Stylist Anouschka Rees of Into Mind Blog

Been feeling like your closet is an area
that needs a barricade of yellow crime scene tape?
ant more organic, ethical, locally made items in your wardrobe?
Never fear, help is here!
Twenty-something Anouschka Rees, now in Berlin,
has put together list of steps to get your closet
fantastically organized and  minimized
and you can also use her tips to fill it with
more eco-friendly, organic, ethical and locally made items,
so your closet speaks to who you are and what you care about, 
and you shine with beauty and confidence every day.

Anouschka list 10 Steps, each with detailed instructions,
so you can get to work on having your wardrobe go
from chaotic overload to a pared-down style center
that helps you instead of scares you! 


Here's my 3 Top Picks from the expert stylist's list:

Here's your chance to get started and
make the decision to align your personal style
with your ethical, caring and eco-conscious spirit.
Let your wardrobe speak for you.

"Step 1: Take stock. What do you like about
your current wardrobe and what needs to change?
How well do your clothes reflect your style?
How versatile are they? Use this flow chart to
diagnose your wardrobe’s individual weak spot.
Then: Write down your goals for the revamp
and a few basic guidelines, like these.

Use this step to remove of any
confidence-sapping pieces
or anything that doesn't
make you feel beautiful.

"Once you’ve analysed the current state of your closet,
it’s time for a thorough detox. Reserve at least a full afternoon to go
through your wardrobe piece by piece and get rid of
anything that doesn’t make you feel confident and inspired.
Check out the closet detox cheat sheet if you
need a little decision making assistance."

Here's the section that can be a real life-changer for you.
Change your thinking to become a savvy, enlightened shopper.

"Have a closer look at your usual approach to shopping and how you could improve it.
Are you a chronic bargain-hunter and impulse shopper, but want to change that?
Some steps that will help: Read up on some common shopping fallacies
and how to avoid them. Work with a flexible budget.
Learn about ethical fashion and develop an eco-conscious shopping strategy.
Use these 5 questions to figure out..." 
Access her entire
10 Step Revamp
to get all the details, and join her on
her beautiful blog 'Into Mind'.
 (and if your closet needs some serious help,
get her Workbook, to take control of your closet)

Live uncluttered,
live beautifully!