ORGANIC LIVING | BODY and SPIRIT: 18 Delectable, Healthy, Homemade Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa Recipes via A Harmony Healing

Here's a shot of my latest Holiday Happiness in a Mug...
my own homemade recipe for hot chocolate!
I used a few chunks of Ibarra chocolate, and powdered cocoa
mixed into almond milk, with
a touch of vanilla extract. Mmmm!
This post is my reblog of a post by my fabulous friend,
Holistic Chef Shelley Alexander, who recently
compiled an amazing set of 18  versions of one of 
my favorite winter holiday treats: hot chocolate/hot cocoa.
Seem we both agree that it makes us very happy!
Hope it will do the same for you,  and that you'll try
the great recipe ideas, and will let me know if you
have your own recipe to share!

From Shelley at 'A Harmony Healing':
"I absolutely adore hot chocolate and hot cocoa!
During the winter months I have it on a weekly basis
and it always makes me so happy!
There’s something about rich hot chocolate and hot cocoa
that comforts your body and soul. With the holiday season
in full swing I know that many families like to drink
hot chocolate or hot cocoa for their celebrations
so I decided to put together an epic collection
of 18 delectable recipes for hot chocolate and hot cocoa
mixes for all of you to enjoy!"

 Shelley asked her Food Blogger friends 
to share their favorite
 Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Recipes with her readers.
They have happily done just that! 

  To access the list of all 18 various
recipes for healthy and delicious hot cocoa drinks, 
just click this link to visit Chef Shelley's blog: 
From there, click on the title of any (or all)
of the wonderful recipes!

How do you like your holiday hot chocolate/cocoa? 
Share your favorite with me in the comments below!

live beautifully,