FASHION: 2015 Designer Scarf Styling Tips For A Fresh Fabulously Fashioned New Year, Get The Look

 Gucci 2015 Silk Scarves - Parisian Knot, Neck-Tied

Style Tips From 2015 
Designer Runway Collections 
 I've compiled a New Year's set of looks for you
with the latest scarf stylings from the runways 
of some of the world's top designers. 

I've included tips for you on each that let you 
know which Beau Monde Organics scarf 
works best to capture the look for yourself.

Which is your favorite?
Toss It!
'Effortlessly drape a light, airy scarf 
around your neck & leave ends loose.
The perfect accessory for a carefree, 
nonchalant casual look.'
 (Bottega Veneta, thx to InStyle)
This look works beautifully with 

Neck-Tie It!
'Latest to show up is scarves tied close to the neck.
At Roberto Cavalli, the scarves were 
neck-tied with trailing ends,
at Gucci, wrapped and tied close to
the neck in a Parisian Knot.' 
(thx to StyleBistro)
These looks work well with 
our Sleek and Skinny size scarves.

Belt It!
Besides using your scarf as a belt, 
try this current belted scarf
look to change up your style. 
(Burberry Prorsum Runway)
This look is easy to get using 
our Petite Wraps and Signature Wide scarves.

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