4 Quotes To Use To Lighten Up and Get Instant Stress Relief

This week's Fav Quote Friday post comes with a bonus;
each quote is also a tip for instant stress-busting relief.
Use as needed to lighten the moment and your heart.
Ready? Here we go:

"Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile..."
~Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

METHOD: Take slow breaths,

counting each,
inhaling and exhaling deeply,
for a total of 10 breaths. 
Relief is on the way...

 "Keep Calm and Kiss Me."

METHOD: Find your co-worker, your cat or your dog,
your lover, your spouse or your mate, or any friend that you love,
and give them a great big smooch.
It will make you both happier.


 "After all these years, my favorite thing to do in life 
is to be laughing until the tears well up."
~Robert Downey, Jr.

METHOD: Laugh out loud. Be silly for a few moments. 
Let things go. Smile. Repeat as needed.

'Don't wait for the perfect time, 
sometimes you just have to dare to jump.'

METHOD: Do 5-25 jumping jacks (high or low impact) 
to de-stress and get your smile back in a minute. 
(Feel free to combine multiple tips at any time,
such as 3 & 4, like Dean and Jerry are doing here)

Use any or all of these stress-busting techniques
any time you need a break. 
Do you have any tips of you use to lighten yourself up?
Comment below, we'd love to hear your tips!

live beautifully,


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