Do You Matcha? 10 Creative Ways To Use Matcha Green Tea | via

Are you a Matcha lover like me?
Discovering it over a decade ago, 
I love it and have used it
in everything from tasty drinks
to unusually delicious baked goodies. 

Whether you're new to this traditional
green tea powder...

or you're an experienced Matcha Master, looking for
more ways to use the bright green powder,
you must check out this
list of creative matcha recipes 

I found today!

There's enough variety included in the list of
recipes to suit just about everyone,
which makes it easy to get more of this subtly
energizing, anti-oxidant-rich whole leaf powder. 

  10 Creative Ways To Use Matcha, With Easy Recipes >
 Which is your favorite idea recipe??
If you try any of them,
let us know how you liked it.

Peace, Love & Green Tea,


Thanks to Stephanie Ekelkamp 
for the post (via Prevention .com)

Photo Credits: 
Matcha - by Christian Kaden Satori Nihon via Getty Images 
Matcha Green Tea Latte - via Mighty Leaf