5 Dangers of Not Knowing How To Dispose Of Medications Properly

You may have been hearing some confusing advice lately
about disposal of leftover or expired medicines. There are serious
problems resulting from disposing of them improperly,
everything from environmental pollution, even to death.

Are you doing any of these dangerous habits?
Find out the right way to keep you, your family and the environment safe. 

Danger #1. You think drugs that end up in a landfill
are not damaging to the environment.
Be Safe: Treat old medications like HazMat materials.

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Danger #2. You think your pets and children are safe
if you throw old scrips in the trash.
Be Safe: They can still be accessed, and could
cause your family harm or death.
Danger #3. You think the water treatment plant can clean out
drugs from water when you throw them down the drain.
Be Safe: Never throw prescriptions in the toilet, or down the drain.
It pollutes our water supply.
Danger #4. You've been mixing kitty litter or coffee grounds with
old meds thinking it will stop drug addict thefts from the trash.
Be Safe: Bring old meds to a Drug-Takeback Center
Danger #5. You crush pills to make them unappealing or unnoticed.
Be Safe: Unintentional of overdosed amounts of the dust can
poison via the skin or inhalation, which is dangerous to
pregnant women, babies, elderly and pets.

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The only truly safe way to dispose of
unwanted medications is at a
Drug Takeback Center.

“The idea for this post was inspired by
our friends at American Recall Center.
They’re at your service to provide drug recall
and other medication safety information.
If you’re unsure if you medication is recalled,
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Did you find this post helpful?
Have you been doing any of these dangerous habits,
and if so, have I convinced you to change?
Let me know, and share your tips, too.

Live beautifully,