How To Style Your Wanderlust (and Pack To Beat Baggage Fees)

Give in to your wanderlust and always travel in the chic style... with handcrafted scarves.

I've selected my 'Ginger Flower' art-print scarf to go along with you
for the 
unique comfort of this lightweight, organic voile scarf, and the
lovely neutral 'Driftwood' gray-brown color that goes with everything.

Did you know a summer scarf is one item that's a perfect
and versatile accessory to pack for traveling?
It can be your best friend when styling with a
limited travel wardrobe; extending your style options,
and multi-tasking as a beauty/style enhancer;
belt/wrap and head cover. A cool cover against the
hot sun, and also keeps off chills after sunset,
in A/C or while in-flight. And the lightweight scarves
take up virtually no room in your bag.
That leaves you ready for any adventure that lies ahead.
As long as you pack properly before you go.

Savvy travelers can pack light but also can pack smart and savvy,
to be saved from getting slammed with those annoying
over-weight-limit baggage fees.

You'll also save in energy, as it's so much easier to tote
a well-packed bag than to lug a terribly over-packed one around.

If you're new to packing light, use the super-helpful
 5-4-3-2-1 Packing Guide, 

This clever system comes to you courtesy of 'A Pair and A Spare' blog.
(Just don't forget to pack your scarf, like Geneva did!)
You can shop the scarf shown in the pic at top, my 'Ginger Flower-Driftwood'.

For other selections, there's plenty more colors, prints and scarf styles at All of them made with love and crafted with care in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
And all a perfect lightweight and versatile accessory to pack
for your trip, whether it's a weekend jaunt or a long haul journey,
to keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable the whole trip long.

Happy Traveling!

live beautifully,

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