Exploring Magic - More Thoughts on Travelling Beautifully

This Fav Quote Friday post
is dedicated to my belief
that travel is so much amazing-ness... ;-)
There is a kind of magicness
about going far way
and coming back all changed."
~Kate Douglas Wiggin

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  1. Hi Stephanie, This will be my final comment on your blog. I had no idea that when I posted a comment a few days ago and gave my email address, which is now required, that my cell phone would receive a variety of emails to my email address. I am new to the smart phone world, and had I known what was going to happen, I would never have posted anything. Now I have to figure out how to get out of Disqus (which I had never heard of and had no intention of signing up for). Please feel free to respond to my comment, but after that I will be trying to disengage from Disqus. Finally, let me say that I have enjoyed reading your blog, making comments, and getting your responses. I wish you all the best in the future.

    1. Hi MikeB.
      It was with great upset that I read your comment concerning DISQUS issues you have had. I've never liked the commenting platform, but it has become a very popular one used, and in the case of my website blog - the only available there. I am so sorry for your troubles. I will be reporting your very valid concerns to them, but - honestly - I don't expect much in the way of response or action from them.
      But I must say how much I would hate to see you go, especialy due to this issue, as you have been such a wonderful contributor to this blog community. If you would reconsider to stay, may I suggest you do could so by continuing to use Blogger to comment. I have not disabled comments here, I've just had to forward my full post displays here to my website blog. I have 2 suggestions, which I hope may remedy your DISQUS situation, and possibly keep you with us.
      1. Use this link to go to your DISQUS profile and DELETE it: https://disqus.com/home/settings/account/
      (if the link doesn't work for you, log into Disqus, click the Gear Icon at top right, choose 'Settings, then click 'Profile' from the left-hand menu, scroll down to the 'Delete Your Account' section) I further suggest you contact your e-mail provider for additional SPAM protection assistance. This can happen to anyone, for any reason, and is a frustrating part of the internet world.
      2. Realize you can comment on any of my posts via Blogger, (without DISQUS) as you have always done (and as you have done here). You do not need DISQUS to read any post from my website blog, which you can access the full post list any time with this link: http://beaumondeorganics.com/blog-beau-monde/ .
      Again, I apologize for your troubles, MikeB. We respect your e-mail address privacy and the right not to be sent SPAM, but personally we do not have control over it.
      Hope you will reconsider and still join me here via Blogger, as you have been for these many past years!
      If you choose not to, I will understand, but will very much miss seeing you and your comments here.
      I thank you, most sincerely for all your posts, info., feedback and your generous and kind friendship.
      Sending wishes for you to continue living well!

  2. Sweet response. Thanks. I did not realize I could comment without being shanghaied into Disqus (which I did not know even existed). Your response (thank you) had some (hopefully) helpful ideas. But I have to work on other matters first; then I will look into getting out of Disqus (I had already read some disheartening comments online about people trying to get out and being unable to do so).

  3. Stephanie,
    I would respectfully ask you to NOT report my concerns to Disqus. I have lived long enough to know that it will either come to naught OR make things even more difficult for me. So please do not get involved. I have too much on my plate already. Thank you. -- Michael

  4. I am quite confused about blogger being available for comments, but I will deal with that at another time. I really do have many other important and urgent things to do for my family at home right now. I will try to contact you in the not to distant future.

  5. Sorry for any inconvenience, MikeB. Let me know if you have any questions, whenever you are ready.
    Meantime, be well!