3 Ways That Relaxing Benefits Your Health

While it feels good to 'conquer the day', in the end,
it just simply feels better and is more beneficial to your health 
 - to relax.

"You may have heard that a little bit of stress
is actually good for you. In the just-right amount,
that adrenaline rush can power you through
a long day at work, boost your workouts and more.
But while it feels good to conquer the day,
in the end, it just simply feels better -
and is more beneficial to your health - to relax.
Some would argue that stress is
our biggest health concern, given that it has been
linked to so many other complications,
from heart problems to dementia.
CBS reported on a small study that examined the
role of stress in seizures and found that people are
often misdiagnosed with epilepsy,
when learning helpful relaxation and
coping techniques may be a better solution.
You may still end up racing to meet deadlines at work today,
or handling a stressful personal crisis -
life goes on, no matter what kind of day it is.
But relaxing whenever possible, and in whatever way
works for you (whether it's reading a book, taking a walk,
meditating, running, you name it!)
is healthier for you than you might think."

by Sarah Klein for Huffington Post


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