3 Beautiful Cocktail Beverages To Celebrate Fall

It's coming to Fall. Time for cozy clothes and
pumpkin spice lattes and...
pretty much Pumpkin-Spiced everything!

Before you get too 'pumpkin-ed out'
on your lattes, give these fabulous Fall
beverages a try at your next get-together.
I've selected 3 drinks, with the idea
to slowly transition from late Summer
into Fall... and into pumpkin spice.
(for those of you who can't wait,
go straight to No. 3!)
Time to celebrate this beautiful season
with your friends and family!

1. Spiced Pomegranate Cocktail
Blog Beau Monde-Spiced Pomegranate Cocktail-via HonestlyYum
No pumpkin in sight... but everything's right
with this Autumn refresher,
perfect for your personal happy hour.

2. Pumpkin-Spice Bourbon & Pear Cocktail
Blog Beau Monde- Pumpkin Pie Bourbon Cocktail-via HonestlyYUM
This one has the first hint of
pumpkin spice (but it's optional)
with the delicious addition of pear.
Cozy up in front of the
fireplace with this one.

3. Pumpkin-Spice Punch
Blog Beau Monde-Pumpkin Spiced Halloween Punch-vai HonestlyYUM
Look out, 'Pumpkin-Spice Alert'!
This one's all the way there.
This Pumpkin Punch
recipe will serve up
a good dose of Pumpkin Spice...
and that's really nice!

These delicious cocktails
celebrate the Autumnal harvest.
Enjoy them during the coming months.
Any of these are perfect libations
to serve at a Harvest Dinner,
a Halloween Bash or for a special
treat at your Thanksgiving feast.

All these wonderful concoctions
(and the 3 cocktail pics) are
courtesy of the duo of deliciousness
at the food and photography blog
Honestly YUM.

Be sure to hop on over to check out
all their fabulous food and
entertainment ideas, and
follow them, too.

which cocktail
are you going to try?
(no judgement if it's all three!)
Let me know in
the comments below.
Till next time -
live beautifully,