7 'Scarf Crimes' You Should Never Commit (or How To Properly Care For Your Luxury Organic Voile and Silk Scarves)

The way some people treat their
luxury scarves is... well, criminal.

Daybreak scarf in 'Glimmer' colorway

Are you guilty of these destructive acts against
your luxury organic voile or silk scarves?
If so, don't worry too much.
In this post I'll show you what to do instead.
-and what will happen to your poor, innocent
scarves if you choose to do otherwise. 


  1. I rince my hand washed scarves in downy cream rince.un cented.
    I does dull the silk sheen a little,but makes my scarves so silkie soft.

    1. Thanks,(Anonymous, for your comment. The slight dulling of the sheen comes from the way fabric softeners 'work'; they 'cling' to the fabric without rinsing completely. Next time you wash your scarf, try using less fabric softener; with only a 1/2 teaspoon in a 1/2 sinkful of water, let soak for a few minutes. Your scarves should come out silky soft, but without dulling their sheen. Enjoy wearing your scarves. What's your favortie way to wear yours?