How To Treat Yourself To A Luxurious Abhyanga of Ayurveda For Well-Being

Holidays are a fun time, and a favorite of many,
but this can often be a stressful time, too,
with all the extra things that need
to be done and all that the season entails.
Being mindful and staying calm can go a
long way to enjoying the holiday season.
But sometimes we need a little more...


We might need a little pampering, some
extra nurturing. And sometimes the only way
we'll get it is to do it ourselves!
The ancient Indian healing practices of
Aurveda are world-renowned for their health
and healing benefits. 

There are many aspects, but the one
I'd like to let you know about here is a practice
commonly offered at the best
health & beauty spas.

But you can also do this yourself,
at home: a self-massage with warmed oils,
known in Ayurveda as

Considered a luxurious treat, it's also considered
a must for health and longevity. This is not a
'massage therapy', in the Western sense, but
instead it is a holistic body treatment, for
body and mind, which nourishes with
external agents (oils) and the self-massage
stimulates energy 'prana' ('chi') and the
health and healing of the skin, lymph
glands and more. It also triggers a sense of well-being.
It has several health benefits.

It's also easy to do, but you need to set the time
to do it. Take 6 minutes to view this video that
guides you through a massage of your entire body,
in this step-by-step instructional video.
Perfect to calm and and soothe your mind
and body, and aid in the body's natural
detoxification processes.

Click image to view Abhyanga instructional video from Banyan Botanicals

Here's some tips to note:

-Set adequate time to do this massage; don't rush,
do it in  a relaxed manner. It should take only
about 20 minutes.

- Use a towel (or three) especially for this practice.
Place on the floor, or at the bottom of a dry tub
or shower stall, to prevent drips and slipping
while massaging.

-The towels will need to be washed with both
vinegar and baking soda added to the detergent,
to avoid build-up of oil, which will become rancid
and rot the towels if not cleaned properly.
Likewise, your drains will need to periodically
cleaned to eliminate the build-up
of oil deposits over time.

- Shower after your massage after resting for
a short time, up to a few hours.
To help clean oil from your hair,
add a bit of baking soda and rinse.

-Use any quality organic massage oils;
herbals, sesame, coconut, almond, etc.

-Do not do this when pregnant,
have cuts or bruises, or when you're sick.

If you try this, do let me know
how you liked it (...or not!)
Hope it helps you enjoy a more relaxed
and revitalized holiday, and every day!

peace, love & self-care!

this is a re-post of a blog orginally posted 12/11/2015