3 Fabulous, Mindful Alternate Resolutions To New Year's Resolutions | via whowhatwhere

Megan Blalock, of WhoWhatWhere, wrote a great new set
New Year's Resolutions for you to consider.
I've chosen my top 3 picks from her inspiring post,
added my thoughts and related quotes, with
subtle, but powerful shifts to the usual resolutions.
Try them out. They'll point you in the right direction on
how you can make 2016 your most mindful year yet.

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  1. Hello Stephanie,
    I have been busy since August: working as executor of my uncle's estate, helping with my friend's estate for 5 weeks (friend's family lives in Europe), and working on rat problem under our house. Really bad 2015.
    I may read your blog occasionally. I hope you are well.

  2. Hello & Thanks, MikeB!
    So sorry to hear you've had such a difficult year. Hoping that your year ahead brings you peace of mind and strength of heart, and hoping you enjoy as many happy moments as possible. Wishes for a beautiful New Year!

  3. Thanks, Stephanie. I am working on being more positive. Rat problem solved, I fixed the leaking roof, and most of the work on my uncle's estate administration is done. I am looking forward to a good 2016. I hope you have a good 2016, too.

  4. Good to hear, MikeB, and good work!You deserve to take a break, adn hope you get to go someplace with your wife just for the fun of it! Thanks for the good wishes, I'm off to a good start, too. Also can see lots of changes coming, so I'm gearing up and hoping for all good energies. To a good year for us all!

  5. I am up late helping my son on a big project he has. I am a late person, that is for sure. 2016 has been busy, but my wife and I went to Napa for 3 days in February and had a great time there. I hope you are doing well.

  6. Hi MikeB, Another late-night person, like me! So wonderful to hear you did get a beautiful break for yourself & your significant other. And hoping your son's project was a hit. Doing well, and am enjoying the early delivery of Spring weather here!

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    I hope your year has been going well. Lots of health problems for my wife and for me since I last commented, but we both muddle through. But I have appreciated, and continue to appreciate, all the good things we both have and have experienced. In February I began attending lectures and "sittings" at a Buddhist temple, learning how to do mindful meditation. It has helped me deal with the many stresses of everyday living. Take care of yourself and enjoy the coming summer.

  8. Hello MikeB!
    As ever, very happy to hear from you! But sorry to hear you've been struggling with health concerns, it's often quite difficult. But I see you are taking the bull by the horns, so to speak - Congrats on taking action to help your body and mind deal with those challenges. Love hearing that mindful medtitation has been effective for you, thanks so much for sharing! Sending all love, light and healing energies your way, for bot you and your wife. xo♥

  9. Thank you for your sweet thoughts and energies, Stephanie.

  10. I will send a comment on your latest post.