Beautiful Living Tip: What You Should Do Now That Microbeads Are Banned

First locally, now nationally, 'Microbeads'
are officially banned from all
personal care products in the USA.
Beautiful Living Tip- What to do to eliminate microbeads

Earlier this year, I wrote on why you
should stop using any cleansers
containing 'Microbeads'; tiny globules
of plastic. (You can read it here)
Because although this is great news,
clean-up is another petroleum-product
eco-disaster awaiting a solution.

What can you do?

Follow this week's
Change up your products to remove
all that contain microbeads.
Start now to eliminate all products
that contain them, and use those with
naturally biodegrading ingredients
for cleansing and exfoliation.
(try the DIY recipes in my post, too)
Soon, I'll post on my top picks
for microbead-alternative products.
Microbeads-Face to Fish-5 Gyres via Blog Beau Monde
Visit here for a larger view
and visit 5 Gyres to learn more.

Enter this year with your intention to
create positive change in
your life and in the world.

Every action has consequence,
so living consciously and
acting mindfully does matter.
Live #beaumondebeautiful