How To Honor Yourself With Self-Care to Soothe Your Mind & Get Happy

"You are magnificent beyond measure,
perfect in your imperfections."

~Abiola Abrams

Feeling too stressed? Wishing for a more conscious life?
Commit to the habit of a self-care practice
and feel stress melt away while enjoying more happiness.

First thing, fall in love with yourself.
Make yourself and your self-care a daily priority.

Care for the well-being of your mind, your body
and your beautiful soul.
Self care, compassion
and love for oneself
honors your sacred spirit.

It is essential to fill yourself up,
as you can't give when you are 'empty'.
Self-care creates inner calm and happiness and
allows you to live more consciously.
So you like the idea of making the commitment to
self-care and living more mindfully.
But how?
Not to worry, I have several very easy and
simple-to-do suggestions, so you can select those which
resonate with you and work best for you.

But first, you must make a promise to yourself, hold your own self-care sacred.

Act each day with more kindness and compassion -
towards yourself, as well as to others.
This creates peaceful positive change
in your life, that also go out into the world, like ripples in a pond.

For ideas on where to start and how to practice self-care habits,
click through to check out these 2 lists;
the first,  GAIAM, yoga, fitness and well-being brand,
and the second from our friends at Wanderlust,
known for their Yoga/Well-being Studios and Festivals across the country.
Both have efficient tips to help you get you inspired about self-care.

10 Ways To Practice Self-Care


Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care.

They are simple to do, but they
do take mindful commitment to do them.

Let me know if any seem like they'd work for you.
If you'll be starting
any of these daily nurturing habits,
I'd love to hear how they work out for you.

To your beautiful life,
peace, love & self-care,

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