Four Simple Ways To Make Your Home Blissfully Eco-Friendly

Four Simple Ways To Make Your Home Decor More Blissfully Eco-Friendly, with modernize(dot)com

Spring is on the way. If you've been thinking about how you might change things up
in your home space to greet the fresh new season, I've got  some sweet ideas for you.
Four ideas, to get you started, and are inspired and very green, and will help
you easily make your home a more eco-friendly, blissful space.
I've collaborated with the great team over at to bring you s
ome easy ways to get your home decor 'green-er' in time for Spring!
Working with me, this article was written by the Moderize Team to bring you
helpful eco home decor tips. Hope these ideas get you inspired!

It’s important to be environmentally conscious when redecorating your home,
but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. At Modernize, we love
to use green techniques to make home decor more soothing to the senses.

Here are some of our favorite tips to create a zen, happy space.

1 - Get Grounded

Swapping out your flooring can make a powerful impact on your
decor and aesthetic. You can transform an entire space from drab to fabulous with
a sustainable effect. Bamboo flooring is our go-to option for an eco-chic appeal.
Bamboo has a light, sunny color that energizes any space. It’s easy to maintain,
since it’s more resistant to water. So don’t worry about those “oops” moments,
like when your kiddo spills fruit punch in the dining room.
Bamboo is cost-efficient and durable, which means you won’t have
to replace your flooring every few years. (Your wallet will thank you for that.)
It's sustainability stems from the fact that bamboo is a renewable source,
and the grass grows very quickly. Trees like oak can take over 100 years to mature,
but bamboo has a maturity span of just three.
That means it’s easier and more cost-efficient to produce.
If you are a carpet enthusiast, there are welcoming options for you, too.
Eco-conscious carpet materials are made from natural fibers,
which aren’t treated with polluting chemicals like traditional carpets.
Take an extra thoughtful step by installing cozy, natural-fiber backing.
Who wants toxins in their home anyway?

Harmonious-Color-Four Simple Ways To Make Your Home Decor More Blissfully Eco Friendly-2
2 - Harmonize Your Home with Colorful Accents
Dreaming of a stunning coral in the dining room? Or a calming cyan for your bedroom?
You can redesign an entire space’s aesthetic by repainting. The good news?
Eco-friendly paints now come in a wide variety of breathtaking colors.
'Green' paints have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which pollute the air and
are actually hazardous to your health. Major paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore 
have developed lines of these safer paints, which come in as many colors as traditional paint.
Your options are nearly limitless, so spring for that cheery
marigold yellow color you’ve been dreaming of for your sunroom!

Go-Natural-Four Simple Ways To Make Your Home Decor More Blissfully Eco Friendly-3
3 - Go Au Natural
Natural light is proven to boost our moods, health and overall happiness.
If that wasn’t enough, natural sunlight can also reduce your
energy usage and your electricity bill. Leave your windows uncovered
to let sunlight stream through and control your home’s interior temperature.
Natural light warms any space, which lowers reliance on your heater.
In the summer, you can open windows and let a cool, calming breeze
flow through your serene space. Just install screens to keep out pests.
If you’re worried about privacy, go for environmentally conscious
window coverings like bamboo blinds. The warm color and
minimalist aesthetic will energize any room.
Decorate with live plants to provide a literal breath of fresh air.
Indoor plants like succulents and cacti are easy to maintain with little watering.
Grow your own herbs, like thyme, oregano, basil and rosemary
to add flavor to your cooking. Having an indoor garden beats running
to the grocery store any day! And they help clean your indoor air as well.
For fashionable potting solutions, recycle glass jars,
decorative tins and vintage planters to save waste from the trash pile.

Repurpose-Reuse-Refresh-Four Simple Ways To Make Your Home Decor More Blissfully Eco Friendly-4
4 - Repurpose to Refresh Your Style
The simplest and often most welcoming way to make your home
more sustainable is to give old or unwanted items new life and purpose.
Recover chairs with fabric from old sweaters, blouses or blankets, or
purchase fabric made from natural fibers. Furniture can be stripped and repainted
with safer, non-polluting paints and wood stains. Perhaps that end table
doesn’t work in your living room anymore, but it will look stunning
in your foyer to catch your keys and mail.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to refresh and renew the look
of your home, while helping the environment in the process.
Using green techniques to decorate your home space is efficient and inexpensive,
which means every room can be both blissful and welcoming.

Let me know your favorite here, or share your eco home decor tips!
And be sure to visit Modernize for even more ideas and resources. your blissful refreshed home!

(this was a collaborative post, not paid; I  thank Modernize for encouraging a mindful eco living)
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