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3 Best Places For Eco, Ethical Fashion, Home and Beauty
When I first started my small organic fashion
accessories company, Beau Monde Organics,
it was difficult to find places that sold clothing and
accessories that were organic or even
eco-friendly or ethical, except directly from
the makers. Even when you did, it was often hard to
locate them, or it was difficult to buy from them,
as many were very small companies.
And many that came, disappeared
as quickly as they arrived.
(and some even before they got going!)

But there are 3 favorites of mine that have not only
hung in there, stood the test of time, but they have they
kept going and growing, supporting and serving
a growing consumer desire for mindfully made
products for life and home. If you don't know
about them yet, you definitely should!

Dear reader, may I please have
the pleasure of presenting to you...

EcoHabitude Shop Over 1,000 Brands For
Your Eco Conscious Lifestyle

Shop Fashion From Ethical
and Sustainable Brands
Eco, Organic, Vegan &
Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle

May you soon be the best of friends!

It's my suggestion you to click through
and bookmark these wonderful sites,
as well as get their newsletter and follow them on
your favorite social media channels.

They're a treasure trove of organic, eco and
ethically made fashion brands
and beautiful, mindful and sustainable living brands
and products. Each has a way to sort products with the
eco and/or ethical qualities you're shopping for,
whether organic, eco, Made in USA or vegan.
Each in their own way makes it easy for you
to find what you need from amazing eco,
ethical and conscious companies
as well as introduce you to new brands
and products every month.

Halcyon-Bliss organic scarf-Beau-Monde-Organics-on-Eco-Habitude

Here's to the start of new and beautiful
(eco-conscious, ethical) shopping friendships!
I'd love to know if you have any additional places you enjoy
to shop for eco and ethical brands, let me know!

As ever, thank you for caring enough to Live Beautifully!


(edited reblog from 5/2016)

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