LIMITED TIME: Stephanie Gale X VIDA - Open Studio Event

Had to share the news that
just dropped on me!
  It's the VIDA Open Studio Event,
and it's happening NOW.
It doesn't happen often, and it won't last long,
so here's an opportunity to get your hands on
those scarves and tops you've had your eye on!

By now you should know of my fab collab
with visionary platform, VIDA.
(If not, read this)

More of my new designs have gone up this week
and are now available on scarves of
gorgeous new fabrics and sizes.
Luscious pure silk squares,
decadent grand wrap panels in
cashmere-silk, lustrous cashmere-modal
and eco-modal scarves.
New tees and tops, too!

But just a few hours ago, I was notified
of a very special event at VIDA.

Shop Now at Stephanie Gale X VIDA >
It makes all of my Collection available with
a special offer at special pricing;
perfect for you to plan ahead for gift-giving
and upcoming special occasions.

The Open Studio Event includes the following offer,
good for the 'Stephanie Gale Collection'
on the VIDA website:

Take 10% off 2 - 4 items - code: OPENSTUDIO10
Save 25% off 5-9 items - code: OPENSTUDIO25
Or, Get 35% off 10 or more items - code: OPENSTUDIO35
Shop now to scarf up some very special savings.
This generous offer expires midnight of May 31st, PDT.
All items are custom-made for you
upon order. (note delivery times)

Every order Gives Back, too, benefitting
the lives of the those who make your items,
teaching valuable life skills of math,
reading and writing, via Literacy for Life.

 Shop Stephanie Gale Collection >
 Happy Shopping!
Till next time, keep living beautifully.

  Offer expires midnight of May 31st, PDT.
VIDA Open Box & Men's Pocket Squares not eligible.


  1. I have skipped meditation for 5-6 days, being consumed with other issues. But I have relaxed by reading, watching some TV shows that I enjoy, thinking about past glories (like the good times with my dear father, who died in 1972), and reading many of your posts (which I did last night and early this morning). I read the following posts and any linked articles:

    - How to Wear 3 Romantic Scarves
    - How Not to Be a Tosser
    - Quotes from Dr. Wayne Dwyer
    - Quotes from Pema Chondron
    - Chocolate Production (with Lists)
    - Self Care (and articles with Lists)

    1. Love to know that you enjoy my posts and find them helpful as a meditation substitute, MikeB! ~namaste~

  2. And I have been listening to many Joan Baez songs on YouTube. Beautiful voice. Wonderful messages.

  3. Joan Baez's singing - along with your writing -- has put me in a mood for poetry. My thoughts:

    We've never met, but I am sure it's true
    That you're a special person through and through.
    I see it in the photo of your eyes
    Which penetrate so deeply, like sun rise,

    And in your writing, which reveals to us
    Important things that we should all discuss
    And gently tells us that we should respect
    The earth, before it's pillaged and is wrecked.

    Your feelings come from deep within your heart,
    You counsel thoughtful actions from the start,
    You feel kinship for those who are oppressed,
    And urge us to assist them with our best.

    We all can strive to influence for good
    To change our world for better, like we should.

    1. Thank you so very much, MikeB, for these lovely words! It's been quite a while since you've written a poem here, and I'm so grateful for it. It's quite wonderful, and it makes me happy. ♥

  4. In one of the linked articles, I especially like item #6: take a walk outside. But with my recently diagnosed plantar fasciitis, the doctor has told me to stay off my feet as much as possible. I also like #8: write a gratitude list daily. That I can do, and I will -- if not every day, often.

    1. Sorry you are dealing with that painful condition. But remember, unless your condition has become chronic, the no walking anthe overall condistion can be a temporary thing. Do all you can to treat it to heal at first, then to rehab your feet. Hoping you'll be in the over 95% of people who get this cured, without any surgery. You are an individual with a determined mindset, and I hope & believe your goal of taking walks will come to be.

  5. Well, that's enough for now, other than to say: Thank you, Stephanie, for your uplifting posts.

    1. You're very welcome, MikeB. And I thank you. Sending all healing energies your way and may you continue to find the strength to face the challenges of life with grace.

  6. Thank you for your good wishes, Stephanie.