Don't Be Waster! How To Care For Our Precious Water
“Thousands have lived without Love; ...not one without Water.”
~W. H. Auden
Are you a Waster?You love the earth, so take an active role in helping her.
Every day, each of us in the free world has only to go
to any sink, turn on a faucet, and have
access to all the pure, clean water we want...

So, I have to ask, without even realizing it - Are you a Waster?
If you are, I'm going to cite some stats that I hope will inspire you
to change some of your wasteful habits.

Because only a small percentage of those in the world that has that very particular luxury.
There are many others that struggle every day to find clean water for cooking or bathing. 
in 8 people don't have clean water. And 1 in 4 don't have any toilet.
There are places where the water is contaminated
and cannot be used for drinking or cooking.
And nearly 900 humans die daily from water-borne illnesses.
Did you know that only 1% of the earth's water is available for drinking water?
And did you also know that a single flush of the toilet uses up to 6 ½ gallons of clean water?
If you have any leaky faucets you haven't yet repaired... get your head around this factoid:
Water Saver Fact: A faucet that drips just once per second
wastes 27,000 GALLONS of drinkable water per year.

So...Think about it... Are you a Water Waster?
Do you mindlessly practice wasteful habits?
How about - do you let the faucet run down for the total time it takes you to brush your teeth? Great. You've just wasted about 4-6 gallons of clean, drinkable water.
Next time, just turn off the tap once you've started brushing,
and you'll save that amount of water instead. (thank you!)

To make the point: the amount of water you waste in 2 minutes,
people in other countries live on that amount for about 2 days.

Water is precious. And it will become even more so in future.
We've all wasted countless gallons of our precious resources.
Yes, I've been guilty of it, too.

But it only took a bit of mindful thought to take action to change my habits.
These days, I turn off the faucet while brushing my teeth, my face,
while washing dishes or shaving in the shower.
These small changes alone save me
up to 500 gallons of water per month... !
Which saves me money too, as the water company rewards me
for using less - with lower rates.
It may be time to rethink your habits, too, when it comes to water usage.
You can easily create positive change every day,
by becoming mindful of your water use,
then making the choice to slowly start to shift your habits.
You'll save, conserve, reduce use and honor our life-giving water.

Water wasting in the home is not the only way we all use up our water resources.
Making clothing and accessories uses huge amounts of water.
In fact, the fashion industry is one of the top 3 polluters of the planet.
(up there with Big Oil & Big Coal!)

Much of fashion environmental damage is in water pollution,
from treatments and dyes used to make materials and apparel.

River-Fashion-Dye-Pollution-China-via blog-beau-monde
Polluted dye and chemical treatment water flowing directly into a river

So, another way you can also save water is by buying from earth conscious brands
that care enough to make the changes to their practices, with the earth in mind.
For example, my Beau Monde Organics brand, creates zero-waste
organic art scarves, which are printed using a very-low-water, eco-safe
and non-toxic printing process.

Look for other brands that mention those kind of features in their production.
Also look for brands that use 'plant-dyes, ('naturally dyed') on their items.
Even though they still need a good amount of water for processing and rinsing,
plant-dyeing does not pollute the water used nor create any toxic effluents,
as most standard industrial fabric dyes do.

There are now many brands that have created new, green ways of production.
Seek out the brands that make the effort to produce products
with conscious thought; you'll enjoy your product much more knowing
you're doing something good for the earth.
Not sure where to find eco-friendly, water-wise clothing and accessories
for yourself and your home?
Get the info in my post of my 3 fav places to shop eco & ethical for a start.

Hope I've given you something to think about.
Will it inspire you make any changes?
Let me know if you do.
And let me know if you are already not a Waster,
what are some of your  best tips to save our precious water?
This Beautiful Living Tip is brought to you with love.

For more information on why and how to save water, visit these dedicated sites:

till next  time - livebeautifully,