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MEDITATE. You probably hear plenty of things about meditation.
And no doubt, plenty of people telling you you should do it.

But why is it a good idea for you to meditate?

It truly is so simple, and it improves your well-being.
And it's free
I hope this info will help you and
inspire you to give it a try.

And if you're aleady doing it, 
perhaps you'll find something new or 
of additional benefit for you

Here are 4 basic, but soulful,
you should Meditate daily:

1. Meditate For Free, Easy, Healing Self-Care

Meditation is o
ne of the best, and easiest,  things
you can do for yourself and your overall health.

It is a calming agent that doesn't involve drugs or alcohol.
It can lower your blood pressure.
Make you feel happier and more calm.
And the self-care practice of meditation
doesn't have to be a big deal.

It's easy to do. Matter of fact,
the more you do it, the easier it gets,
And you can meditate (almost) anywhere.
(a quiet, calm space is best, though not mandatory)

Try it now: stop, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
Count 10 even inhales and exhales, focusing on each breath,

and each count, as you do.
Or try this 15 minute gong meditation.


 2. Meditate to honor and
replenish your own sacred spirit.
Care for the well-being of your mind, 
your body and your beautiful soul.
It's as easy as - Breathe. Relax. Let go...
Need more help?

Here's some resources for you;
here and here
3. Meditate to create and send out the energy of loving kindness.

 This can be done with yourself or others in mind.
It can help you to feel lighter, sleep better,
heal from illness
and reduce emotional distress.
Get centered. Be mindful and aware.
Immerse into all your senses.

Find beauty, gratitude and love for all beings.

Try this brief  guided meditation video
14 minutes, on YouTube)
 4. Meditate To Get It Done.

Yep, it can help your being more productive, too.
So if you struggle with overwhelm and
too much To-Do, consider meditation.

It helps you get clarity and focus. It clears away mental cobwebs.

It gives you the energy you need to take care of all you have to do.
(try these 3 meditations from Natalie MacNeil)

Steady meditation practice creates
a positive change in your mindset,
your life and in the world. 
(you can meditate on that, too!)
I love to meditate just as I'm falling asleep
or in the morning, before I get out of bed.

Have you not tried it yet - or
do you practice regularly?

What's your favorite time or
place to meditate?

How does it help you?

Let me know, in the comments below.

Till next time,


(4/2017 edit) 

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