Unique LA Show: Ococoa Puts the 'Ohhh! In Chocolate

As promised, I'll be highlighting some of the wonderful finds from the Unique LA Show this past weekend. First stop...what else? For me, a die-hard chocolate lover, Ococoa's divine nut-butter cups were just irresistable. Their 'Butter Cups'; chocolate cups filled with specialty nut butters plus a little surprise, are their specialty. There was the Middle-Eastern influenced Pistachio Butter with Date Jam!  Wow. Then I tried the delicious Almond Butter with Cherry. To die for! The woman next to me tasted the Sunflower Honey cup and exploded into a Turret's-like fit of chocolate-loving exclamations.  If you're a purist, the Peanut Butter Cup with 'Alaea salted top is for you.  "My Mediterranean line is inspired by my heritage, I'm Lebanese", Diana Malouf, Owner and Chocolatier proudly told me. Diana draws on her heritage for inspiration and her deep passion for her craft is obvious. Her chocolates are all natural, vegan and milk and gluten-free. That, along with the welcoming booth, with its mounds of sample pieces made it a busy booth. And trust me, these will definately make you forget all about those cups in the bright orange package.  

Diana Malouf, Owner & Chocolatier of Ococoa