Gräf & Lanz Shape Wool Into Artfully Practical Products

Continuing my journey through all the wonderful independent designers I met at last month's Unique LA Show, it was my utmost pleasure to meet the 2 very amazing gentlemen of the Design Studio of Gräf & Lanz. Holger Gräf and Daniel Lantz, the extremely qualified individuals who work as a team, create show-stopping products of wool felt.  Charming, gracious and incredibly talented, their work embodies the artistic apects most dear to me: beauty, form and function; The Triple Crown of Design! With most of their products quite sculptural and having a textural feel due to the coarse wool, these engaging Los Angeles designers have got it right. Using an exclusive felt made in Germany from Swiss sheep wool, they have given new life to a small non-profit. (From the website)
"A Swiss non-profit that employs socially disenfranchised people is aiming to change that by collecting wool from Swiss sheep to be turned into felt. The result is a uniquely beautiful and natural material with a classic, rugged feel. The wool is purified but not dyed or bleached so that it maintains its natural color. Look closely and you will see the intentional remnants of grasses left in the felt and you can imagine some very happy sheep grazing on pristine alpine meadows."
They offer a wide range of beautiful products, all of which make me feel very happy too.