Summer Beauty Never Looked So GREEN!

According to our guest, Nicole Leal, Eco-Hairstylist/Beauty/Color Expert at Nine Zero One Salon and Eco-Blogger at greenmeetsgirl, these are the top 5 things you must have for the summer!
1) Eco-style starts at the top of your head! Get a haircut and deep treatment to prepare your hair for a HOT summer. "In the salon I incorporate product lines that are Paraben Free, SLS Free and Vegan/Cruelty-Free. I also work with Eco Colors for my clients who want their hair colored but prefer a natural product" says Leal.
2) Check out EWG and rate your sunscreen. When going out in the sun an SPF is a must have. All Terrain and Jason Natural Cosmetics are my some of my favorites. Protect your skin without all the harsh chemicals.
3) Get Glowing with an Organic Spray tan! Jenni Blafer, spray-tan expert of Nine Zero One salon, uses an Organic Sugar based product that creates that sun-kissed look without being in the sun.
4) Be fashionably late this summer! Lose track of time with a fashionable Eco-Watch. Take a look at Sprout Watches. Available in all of your favorite colors.
5) GREEN your hobbies! Volunteer this summer with an Environmental group. Join a Beach cleanup with Heal the Bay or take a Green Living Workshop with Sustainable Works.

Enjoy being Green this summer!

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