Ann Hamilton's Latest Works In Fabric, Bamboo

Photo: Gemini G.E.L.
Ann Hamilton's new series of unique works is being exhibited in the main gallery of the famed Gemini G. E. L. gallery studio. Titled 'ciliary' (2010), each work is a dramatic, hand-made assemblage of paper, fabric and bamboo incorporating lithographs bearing a seismic pattern of lines drawn by the artist, which are folded and formed into a circle. From its center falls a swirl of fabric, juxtaposing the rigidity of the surrounding fan-shaped form. Hamilton is producing a total of 19 of these works that will each vary in color combinations. On view now through October 22nd, 2010. If you are not yet familiar with this extraordinary artist's works, you are in for a treat! If you are already tuned in to her amazing creative statements, this looks to be another fascinating series.