New Year Parties? Dress Up In Eco-Style!

Getting ready for holiday celebrations this weekend? Break in the New Year in eco-style! When prepping, primping and glamming up for New Year festivities, be sure to go organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and fair-trade!  Here's some of my picks for great eco choices:

                       For your hair-
Clean it up with Aveda's new Smooth Infusion, a gorgeous (& earth-healthy) way to clean and smooth your hair to silky perfection! Created in USA with 100% wind power, natural and/or organic ingredients, eco-friendly packaging from an environmentally & socially responsible company. Yay!

For your skin:
 Exfoliate and soften your skin with L'Occitane's fabulous body scrub. Followed by the amazing Immortelle flower oil lotions that smooth and protect your skin. From a company comitted to sustainability in product, packaging and practices.

For the final touch:
Create a flawless finish with certified organic/natural make-up from Organic Wear, the first ECO-CERT certified organic line of make-up in the USA.  
Or better yet, 
Look for our favorite small eco-businesses for the best in organic, earth-safe, skin-safe, cruelty-free choices!

 Bee Gorgeous Cosmetics,(Made in Los Angeles, USA!) Natural and organic ingredients in fabulous scrubs, lotions and specialty skin, body and soul-nurturing products, made with love and care by a company committed to caring about the earth, animals, and you. 
And Ecco-Bella, a company that combines
natural and organic products with activism.
Now get dressed in a stunning design from designer,
activist and eco-fashion innovator Linda Loudermilk,
(paired with a gorgeous evening wrap from Beau Monde Organics,perhaps?)
and you will be truly Living Well in Eco-Friendly Style!

May this year manifest all your highest dreams and desires!