Raise Your Fashion Sense: Shop Green!

When shopping this Holiday Season, it's important to try to shop 'green'. People appreciate a gift that 'gives back' or does no harm. It's always a great idea to 'Shop Green', meaning: shop for items that are eco-friendly, ethically made, organically grown or Fair Trade produced.

But many people are confused; How do you do it? Where are these products?  If you're not sure how or where to shop 'Green', then start with a visit to World Of Green!

Roberta Modena, the powerhouse founder behind World of Green, has done all the work for you!  Not only has she compiled the very best in earth-friendly products, but her site makes all those products available with a one-click connection to buy any item. World of Green is full of items for Baby and Family, Home and Garden, Bath and Beauty, Eco-friendly Fashion and Accesssories, gifts and jewelry, and loads of eco-lifestyle products.
More than that, Roberta makes it easy and fun to get Free Items, Super Discounts and Special Promotions on many of the eco-products World of Green carries. What really impressed me was her amazing ability to find the the most unusual,most beautiful, unique, eco-friendly, downright 'coolest' eco-items anywhere, and put them all into one great site.
Check out World Of Green here, and join them on Facebook here
And there's still a week left in their Fabulous "Month Of Giveaways" Promotion! Enter here for a chance to win your desired item for free!

THREE more weeks to go on our Beau Monde Organics' 50% Off & Free Shipping Holiday Gift Sale!  Go to World of Green, click on our ad on their homepage, shop for any organic scarf in the boutique and enter 'WOG50' at checkout to get instant Holiday Savings!

Raise your eco-sense, and make this year the one you start shopping Green!