Lifestyle: Recycling Your Life Towards a Better Future

First airing on the second Earth Day, in 1971, The Ad Council
partnered with Keep America Beautiful to create an ad to show how
every individual has the responsibility to help protect the environment.
(The ad featured Italian-American actor, who became a Native American;
Iron Eyes Cody and his single glycerin tear.) The series of ads became
one of the most memorable and successful campaigns in advertising
history. Phones rang off the hook at Keep America Beautiful
office with people asking how they could help. 

But here we still are with a big mess on our hands.

Some people make use of the Recyling bin
or use their 'green' shopping bag. 
Some just are yet not in the habit.
But I'm not here to judge. But perhaps gently nudge.
Here's a few facts for you (from just the United States!):
  • -About 10 Billion paper bags are used each year, requiring 14 Million trees to be cut.
  • -100 Million plastic shopping bags are used annually, which are made using 12 Million BARRELS of crude oil to produce.
  • -Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours, the equivalent of a half a gallon of gasoline; we use over 80 Billion aluminum cans yearly!
  • -Aluminum and glass can be recycled over and over again. 
The oil, timber and mining companies would love it if you would
please ignore these makes them a lot of money.
But I am asking if you would please consider to make a commitment
to some small, yet positive change in your lifestyle habits this year.
Make yours a truly 'eco-style life', ...for a beautiful world.

For more information, just use 'recycling facts' as a search term.