Body and Spirit: The Shining Lights Among Us

One torch can dissipate the accumulated darkness
of a thousand aeons.  ~Tilopa
(founder of Tibetan Buddhism)
"...Be gentle first with yourself - if you wish to be gentle with others.
We are not compelled to meditate by
some outside agent, by other people, or by God.
Rather, just as we are responsible for our own suffering,
so are we solely responsible for our own cure.
We have created the situation in which we find ourselves,
and it is up to us to create the circumstances for our release."

~Lama Ghesce Yesce Tobden

(The Venerable Ghesce Yesce Tobden spent much of his life in political exile,
yet still illuminated the world with his compassionate wisdom.
Photo of Lama Tobden by M. Mulas, taken at the 
Artemide 'There Is A Light On Earth' Showcase Exhibition)

This post was inspired by seeing Artemide's ad in the latest issue of Dwell Magazine. A great commentary on their moving ad campaign is on Form + Function Blog