Body & Spirit: Are You Giving From An Empty Cup?

Are you feeling exhausted, depleted, out of fuel and out of desire,
yet still trying to do everything to please others?
We can't do well trying to give when the well has run dry.
None of us is at our best when we're not taking care of
our own needs first. My reminder for you today:
Don't try to give from an empty cup...

Remember always to fill your own cup first.
Don't forget to stop and take time for yourself.
Nurture, rest and care for yourself. Love yourself.
If you need it, forgive yourself. Clear out
any regret, despair, anger and sadness.
Feed yourself with love, gratitude, appreciation and joy,
filling your own cup, till it's brimming over...

Then, (and only then) can you make a difference,
helping someone else fill up their cup.
Not from your empty cup,
but, instead, from your overflow...

 ~love and hugs, stephanie 
(gratitude shout out to Lisa Nichols)