Eco-Fashion: Eco-Fibers And Synthetics Explained

Not too sure what a semi-synthetic is?
Don't know your regenerated fiber from a synthetic?
Or have no idea who in the world is Tencel?

Read on for the answers...

Demystifying The Latest Eco-Fibers
Click on the above link to go to a PDF document to enlighten yourself:
All you ever wanted to know about eco-fibers.

Bamboo stalk for making bamboo rayon (viscose)
Wood cellulose is what most rayon is made from.

Oil-based polyester thread is the most commonly used;
these are spools of eco-fiber threads.
Once you're informed, please bear the info in mind
when choosing clothing or fiber-based products.
Me? I'm sticking with my luscious natural, organic
and peace silk (Ahimsa/Tussah) fibers!