Body and Spirit: The Green Truth via 'GREEN Meets GIRL' blog

 Today I'd love to share a post written 
by my green-girl Nicole Leal, 
who writes the GREEN Meets GIRL blog! 
Her post is titled 
and I've copied it for you here:

"I am beyond disappointed that Pressed Juicery doesn't strive to always
use organic produce. Huge concern for me since I'm a big fan of Greens,
and the last thing I want to be gulping down is a bottle of pesticides :/
Below was the response to my email asking if they use organic produce...
Also, if you ever got pressed juice from Whole Foods
come to find out they don't use organic either.
What a buzzkill!
Pressed Juicery's response to Nicole's inquiry:
Hi Nicole, Thank you for your email.
We strive to use organic produce whenever possible,
but due to the high volume of juice that is being demanded of us
sometimes a product becomes unavailable
and we have to resort to conventional produce.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Yours in health,
Pressed Juicery"


Nicole brought up a great point; about how
we might assume that a Juice Bar
would use all organic ingredients.
Seems like a no-brainer, right?
But many do not, or use only a
percentage of organic ingredients.

Here are my suggestions for alternative choices,
who are full  committed to
use 100% Organic ingredients in the Los Angeles area!
Real Food Daily
Earthbar (at select Equinox)

searchonline in your area for 'raw,organic juice bars'
OR...make your own from 100% organic ingredients!

So be informed, ask questions (as Nicole did!)
and stay aware, so you can eat beautifully , 
and Live Beautifully!