Eco Fashion: How To Tie Your Scarf In 3 Easy Steps: The Infinity


The Infinity Double Loop, on our Model Wendy

Today's Scarf Style: The Infinity

-Single, Double or Triple Loop!

A fun and versatile scarf styling!

I'll show you how in 3 easy steps!

1. Take both ends of scarf, tie them together
in a double tie that has very little ends remaining.

2. Place knotted end over head, at back of neck.

3. Choose one of the variations; Single, Double or Triple.

 Infinity Single: Simply allow loop to hang in front...Done! (See Selena) 
Selena Gomez, wearing the Infinity-Single
Infinity Double: hold loop end in front of you, twist over once, 
pull end loop over head and arrange. (See Blake & Kim)
Blake Lively sporting Infinity-Double

Kim Kardashian looking smashing with Infinity-Double

Infinity Triple: Same as for Double, but add 1 
more loop, pulled close around neck (See Jessica)

Jessica Alba rocking The Infinity-Triple

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