Lifestyle: Will Your Holidays Be Filled With Made In America Products? A Challenge To Shop USA This Year!

  The first Holiday Gift Giveaway  from
Made In USA Challenge is now underway! 

and all the ways your kids can enjoy this classic toy made in USA.
Make sure you have taken the pledge for the 
Made in America Holiday Challenge for extra bonus 
entries to win the gift basket of $100 worth of Wikki Stix fun!

 The average American spends over $700 annually on 
holiday shopping. If just $64 of this was spent on gifts made in USA, 
the economic impact would  equate to the creation 
of 200,000 American jobs. 
So I challenge you to spend just $64 on American made gifts. 
The Holiday Guide will make the challenge easy and fun. 
Check back every week at Made In USA Challenge 
 for a new giveaway of a made in USA holiday gift ,
from some of the best American made companies. 
I hope you will join me in making this holiday season made in America! 
and get a Sneak Peek at the Holiday Gift Guide!

 Our 'Romance' scarf in 'Reverie' colorway, 
a luxury accessory for that very special someone in your life!

Did you know...?
My company Beau Monde Organics
has proudly been committed 
to being Made In USA since its inception!

 ...more specifically, all our products are
Designed and Made In Los Angeles, California!

(we'll be sending out another post that tells you more about this new logo!) 

Till next time, 
live beautifully! (and shop Made in America!)