Art and Design: Designed and Made In USA! How Made In America Is Helping Small Businesses This Holiday!


Outsourcing, is not a bad thing, unless it's done to the point of hurting ourselves.
And it was. But, as luck would have it, it also created a grassroots movement, and a
resurgence of the appeal of '
Made In America'.
It also overlaps
with other current trends, such as Slow Food, Slow Fashion,
Vertical Manufacturing, Shop Local, Buy Eco-Friendly, Pop-Up Stores,
Food Trucks,
Buy Organically Grown (both food and goods)
and even Small Business Saturday
(which was started by American Express Corporation
as a promotional platform to engage and highlight
smaller businesses, but also has grown

into a separate grassroots movement!)
The bright side of all that bad economy in the past few years
is that this has created a new found pride in "going small."
Created a 'new cool', that of being "Made In America".
And a true resurgence of both innovation and
independence that is the world-famous hallmark of the United States.
Personally, I'm very happy that a little over 2 1/2 years ago, I did not listen 
when one of my business mentors, trying to convince me to manufacture overseas,
had told me, 'No one cares about Made In America anymore!"
I agreed that it had been the case for a long while, but I believed in it, and replied:
"They will. And I am going to help make it happen."
(He also felt the same about being 100% certified organics cotton, too,
and I've held to that commitment, and to not using minimum wage workers.)
Turns out, I was not the only one who had those convictions.
And that's a good thing. Many feel it will help heal both 
our national pride as well as the economy. 

To highlight some of the ways this new attitude is affecting things,
take a look at some recent stories:
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 (Beau Monde Organics  will soon be proudly displaying this Made In LA logo!)
The recent 'Made In New York City' logo

 And there's now many directories to help shoppers 
find Locally-Made and Made In USA products, such as:

TELL US: Is it important to you that things are eco-friendly,  
made locally and/or Made In the USA? 
People seem to be very passionate about one, or the other, or both.

What about you?

till next time, 
live beautifully!