Eco Fashion: The Zen Of Conscious Shopping

Thai Dreams -Karma organic scarf by
Photography: Marcus T. Thomas 
An article on  DarmaWeb about the practice of  Zen and Self-Control
describes the purpose of Zen practice as 
"not just to achieve health of body and mind, but also 
to aim for the spiritually highest way of life as a human being." 

Daybreak organic scarf by
Marcus T. Thomas

This concept is meant to extend into everything we do, 
so that all actions are conscious ones, made with awareness.
They should reflect our higher self, and with the knowledge 
that what we do today will matter tomorrow.

  After witnessing the disgraceful display of the
psychotically frenzied 'Black Friday' shoppers,  
I'm reminded that this behaviour can only come from 
an unconscious and unaware state of mind.
So I'm sending out a a reminder -  a call to any who can hear -
of the virtue of self discipline and 
the benefits of self-awareness.

Cow Jones Industrials - A Vegan & Eco-Fashion Boutique

Make it a very Zen Holiday!

OK, I'm not saying that you have to
sit in zazen all day (but you can if you want to!)
 I instead encourage you to try be very aware this holiday season
of how every action has consequences, 
many of them unseen, yet with profound impact, 
for better or worse.
Try living with purposeful thought and actions;
and in so doing, we affect ourselves and 
acknowledge all else around us
with respect and dignity.

2010 Querciabella Chianti Classico, by Querciabella Vineyards -
A fully biodynamic & organic vineyard that is also vegan.

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds 
it attached to the rest of the world." ~John Muir

Yes, it matters.
It matters now, and it will matter even more later.
To your children.  And to their granchildren.
To be organically grown, ethically produced,
vegetarian/vegan, biodynamic, produced with care,
with conscious thought given to the
effects of what we do and the effect it has on others and on the earth.

Court Coat, from the 2012 Holiday Collection by
the fantastic eco-designers at Prarie Underground

But all of this does take effort. It is not without some work and
self-discipline that we become more aware. To go against the 'norm'.
It's not necessarily easy to endeavor to change our habits.
But doing the 'right' thing is not always about doing the 'easy' thing.

Tesla's 2012 Model S Roadster - fully electric car

It doesn't matter that you engage in or change everything. 
Do what works and resonates with you.
 Be kind and tolerant of those who are in a different place on their journey.
Growth happens gradually, but it starts with awareness,
so I make it part of my mission to educate and engender change.
Every step in the right direction is a good one, even if a small one.

photo via Elephant Journal
So, meditate on that for a bit this holiday season.
And see if you can't start to create your own little bit of positive change! 
Live beautifully!

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