Lifestyle: Playful Joy For Disadvantaged Children From Innovative 'One World Futbol' - via Trend Guardian

I was inspired by this story of hope, 
about how an innovative new futbol (soccer ball)
gives some much-needed play time to 
children living in war-torn and inpoverished areas of the world. 
And it came about because one man wanted to
make a difference and create some
positive change.

Tim Jahnigen saw a documentary about children in Darfur
 who found solace playing with balls they had made 
out of garbage and string. Kicking a ball around provided
such joy in stressful conditions 
that children use practically anything
that approximated a ball to play with.
Children used trash-balls
donated futbols quickly ripped or deflated.
It struck his heart, and he decided to try to do something. 


 One day, while having breakfast with his friend 
and world-renowned musician, Sting,
he told him about his indestructible ball project
and how this could help kids.
Sting urged Mr. Jahnigen to drop everything else
and make the ball - and told him he would...
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