Body and Spirit: 3 Ways To Reduce Stress - That Don't Include Yoga or Meditating!

We all have stress, and our bodies need to dispel it, or suffer the consequences of ill health.But if you've yoga and found it's not for you, or if you can't possibly sit still in meditation, then listen up.

Did you know that both the body and mind can relax and release stress while moving? (you can even meditate while walking! ...just saying!)

Here's 3 alternative, 'dynamic' physical options for you. Each is proven to increase your sense of well-being, reduce physical and mental stress! So give them a try  ...there's not a bit of yoga involved, I promise!

Qigong,  (pronounced chee-gung) Slow-motion movements combined with metal awareness and intentions, it's a set of  ancient Chinese healing movements.  If you've ever heard of Tai Chi, Qigong is at the core of it. Using these slow-moving postures help the body and mind relax, and also to gain mental focus, improve bodily strength and flexibility. They even can help heal injuries and ease pain. Get a little intro and try a bit of it yourself with this video.

Chi Running:
Love running, but tired of the injuries? And if you're none too fond of running, then Chi Running just might change your mind. Here's an instruction session video about how to do it and how it's different than 'regular' running.

OK, you may be laughing here. But really, when was the last time you went outside for a walk? Walking is the body's most natural movement, and is highly beneficial to the body in many ways. Standing and walking are our natural state of being - unlike the highly unnatural sitting for long periods we do these days. It's easy to include stress-reducing walking movements into your day.
Besides just 'taking a walk', you can try 
Balance Walking (long-stride walking, using walking sticks)
Nordic Track or similar ski machines or elliptical machine; the movements on these machines are somewhere between walking and swimming, fully non-impact, and the resistance can be adjusted, offering a light
workout that restores the body. 

Circle Walking: May sound odd, but Circle Walking is a dynamic meditation, and can quiet a busy mind and calm the negative effects of extreme emotions, restoring a scattered mind back into an integrated whole.
The practice simultaneously builds mental power, aerobic fitness, physical strength and agility through the use of continuous movement. It also can be done in a small space, you don't have to worry about the weather, and you can get a very rhythmic flow going, which additionally helps your body and mind to relax.

Hope you give any one, or all, of these a try. If you do, let me know about it!