Body and Spirit: The Rites Of Spring; 25 Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul


I love welcoming Springtime. When the unmistakable signs of Spring show up, I always feel the need to go through the long-held ritual of Spring cleaning, or, as I'll put it here - The Rites of Spring. ;-).  I love to throw open all the windows on that first fresh Spring day, and go through the house to clear things out, throw things away no longer needed and spend an entire day doing the deep-cleaning to freshen and cleanse my environment.
But I also believe it's also a great time to do the same for our inner house. We need to refresh our outlook, clear out the things that are hindering our happiness, and create new habits that benefit our well-being. So I looked up 'Spring Cleaning for the Soul', and found Alison Miller's list of  "25 Ways to Nourish Your Spirit". I think it's an excellent list, that reminds me that just the act of becoming more aware and focusing on creating positive change, one feels lighter, brighter and just a bit more in tune with the world. That's a pretty good benefit that makes it worth the effort, don't you think?

I've selected 10 of my favorites on Allison's list below.
Read all 25 of her wonderful suggestions here.

Get Up EarlyMake a date with the sunrise. Enjoy the solitude of early morning hours. Reflect on that for which you are grateful.

Cleaning House
Embrace the art of decluttering. Empty your drawers, clean out your closet, and let go of what you don’t need.

Heal Thyself
Hone your skills as a healer. Spend 15 minutes a day building your self-healing abilities. Talk to your cells, cleanse your blood, and cultivate your mind-body relationship. 

Create Rituals Be present and honor your spirit. Hug a tree, swim in the ocean, play with your pets.

Clean Sweep
Take inventory of your life. What are you tolerating that no longer serves your highest good. Where do you need to upgrade? Take action and “step-it-up” in every area of your life: money, relationships, living environment, personal health, and professional development.

Keep Cool
Respond rather than reacting. Learn how to manage your anger and emotions. Develop peaceful means to the end.


Natural Beauty
Feel good about yourself. Discover what inner traits make you beautiful. Let your inner complexion shine.

Relieve Pain
Take care of your body. Get adequate rest, book a massage, receive acupuncture, and learn to relax.

Dress the Part
Convey your inner most essence through your daily garb. Be bold. Choose vibrant colors, creative designs, and clothes that express your soul style.

Protect the Earth
How can you show the Earth that you care? Define your earth ethics. Recycle, re-use, and refrain from buying products that harm the earth. Plant a garden, purchase solar power, and lighten your carbon imprint. ~
Which of these do you think you might try to incorporate into your life?