Art & Design: Get Your Sneak Peek! New Prints from Beau Monde Organics Scarves and Accessories

 Here's your first Sneak Peek of
just two of the many new prints on the way
from Beau Monde Organics. 
This set: a pair of soothing, glamourous green prints.
So many things going on at once, 
I've been buried in a  whirlwind of activity 
here in the studio!

Now my printing and tailor teams are starting to finalize 
my latest designs into physical product reality. 

So excited to see the final result, 
and think you'll love them too! 

 Another Sneak Peek: two very different purple prints.

These are a small sampling of the many new things 
I've been working on for you, and
and will have available for you soon.

 Stay tuned for;
more new colors, 
new prints, 
new products
and other exciting news from 
Stephanie Gale
and Beau Monde Organics. 

If you'd like to be among the first to know
about our new products,

(as well as get exclusive discounts!)
visit Beau Monde Organics website today
and enter your name and e-mail for your code
 good for 25% off your first purchase!

I'll leave you with a beautiful thought for the day...

"I feel the capacity to care is the thing 
which gives life its deepest significance."
~Pablo Casals 
More soon, till then-

Live beautifully,