Saturday Shout: Alter Eco | Bringing Ethical, Organic, Fair Trade Deliciousness Into Your Kitchen!

 Alter Eco Blackout Bar, one of my favorites!

If you believe it's important to buy and use products
that are certified organic and fair trade, 
a company called
Alter Eco
makes it a lot simpler to find the things you love!

 Harvested Cacao Pods

I recently met Alter Eco at their World Fest booth, 
and was very impressed with the quality and range 
of their product offerings, 
and how they source healthy 
and delicious, organic, fair trade ingredients
 from small-scale farmers around the world!

 Bolivian Farmers harvesting Quinoa/Quinua grain

Even within the eco and organic companies,
 many are only able to offer a small range of products.
So to see a range of products that 
historically, has been a concern about, 
such as quinoa, cane sugar, rice, and cacao,
offered in a way that the global farmers and workers    
 are not exploited, but instead are paid fairly and 
can make a decent profit, and improve their lifestyle. 

Sugar Cane Farmer at work

Check the video that helps explain why it matters and  
why Alter Eco is winning top sustainablity awards:

But best of all, these are excellent quality as well, and very reasonably priced! 
Hope you'll connect with Alter Eco
and look for them at your favorite store...
you can even use this handy locator tool
to find a store near you!

 varieties of organic rice from Thailand

Hope you enjoyed this edition of our 
 Saturday Shout!   

and remember to...
live beautifully,