Fav Quote Friday | Simple Pleasures: Quotables Potpourri, and The Winner of Our Giveaway!

"Instead of looking with regret,
 instead of looking with fear, anger, pain, and sadness,
 try looking at your life from a perspective
 that the whole thing is divinely orchestrated...
It’s the most amazing shift."
 ~Wayne Dyer

and now,
we take a moment from quotations
 to announce...
Yes, you, our Fan, Friend & Follower Laura Fisher, 
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now, more quotes I've enjoyed recently...
this one on the uselessness of worry.

is the opposite of gratitude;
it is the failure to understand
that you have been 
and will continue to be
provided for each day. 
~H. M. Parton

When you 
you live a 
beautiful life. 

"Since everything is a reflection of our minds, 
Everything can be changed by our minds."

and then there's this one, 
my personal favorite...


have a beautiful weekend!