Lifestyle: Living Well, Eating Well; Why We Don't Eat Food With Fake Colors, Only 'Real Food'

Does your idea of yummy colorful food include 
ingredients such as crude petroleum oil? No??

Me either. But if you are eating foods that are artificially colored,
 you are already ingesting some of the more than
 the 15 million pounds of food dye used in the U.S. per year. 
The very same petroleum that fuels our vehicles,
 is turning up in an unprecedented amount of packaged foods. 
All "approved" as "safe" by "our friends" at the FDA.
I suggest instead that  you Read and learn, 
then YOU decide what's safe and healthy for your body!

Today's post is via Lisa Leake, and her
blog "100 Days Of Real Food", and 
we're focusing on artificial food coloring. 
And especially the 7 reasons why she (and me)
hate artificial coloring in food.

I've avoid artificial colors in food as much as
possible for over 35 years, and in that time,
processed food manufacturer's use of it has only increased.

I'm listing the basic headers here, but strongly urge you
to click through, read all the information for each item,
so you can learn more, and continue 
on your journey to living well in eco-style!

1. Made from petroleum-derived chemicals 

2. Linked to serious, long-term health problems

3. In the UK, foods with artificial colors require 
a health warning label - why not in the US? 

4. Synthetic dyes have been linked to 
hyperactivity in children for over 4 decades 

5. Their ingestion is not innocuous; 
it comes with several serious health risks 

6. Your body does not correctly recognize them,
 they "trick' the body's natural responses 

7. Due to visual appeal, they contribute to the obesity epidemic

 Read the full post.
Learn, change your habits, get healthier, 

live well...

Live beautifully!