Lifestyle: The Secret To Living More Beautifully? Try the Power of Sleep for Beauty, Weight Loss, Health and Longevity

"Losing sleep is the number one detriment
to a long and healthy life, more than diet and exercise." 
~James Maas, Cornell University

 Sleep deprivation has negative effects
on all the things we try 

to maintain in our lives;
good mood and coping capacity,
mental clarity, good memory,
good health and overall happiness.
Many of us simply do not fully understand 
the impact sleep has on our health.

 I just know that a good night's sleep 
is the magic that makes for a beautiful day!
Scientific sleep research has revealed that sleep
 is one of the basic building blocks of good health.
Although we live in a society where trading sleep time
for getting more things done in a day is often the norm,
the truth is that our brains and bodies require
adequate amounts of good quality sleep to stay healthy. 

Not getting enough sleep, or getting interrupted sleep,
has negative affects on aging, immune system function,
metabolism, reaction time, memory,
blood pressure, to name a few.
Those that brag about how few hours of sleep
they get through the day on are tooting the wrong horn.
Because not getting enough sleep 
can have serious negative effects.
Check out this list of 6 reasons to opt for more sleep.
 Not convinced? 
Read how science that has revealed
the many ways
sleep deprivation negatively affects your body.

 If you have trouble getting to sleep, 
or lack quality sleep, you are not alone.
But there are simple things you can do
that may help immediately.
You can start by trying these
 or try these foods that aid sleeping.
You have to find what works for you and your body, 
and that takes some effort. 
But the rewards are rich. 
Like starting to get 
regular visits from The Sandman...

  ...and finding yourself waking up with a smile!

 Sweet dreams! 

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