Body and Spirit: Embracing 'Wabi-Sabi'; How the Concept of Appreciating Imperfection and Loving Broken Things Can Change Your Life

If you don't already know about it, let me introduce you to
the Zen concept of Wabi and Sabi. 

Wabi is the beauty found in things simple, 

imperfect and natural. 
Sabi is the beauty found in things 
worn and weathered with time and use. 
Together, Wabi-Sabi is an aesthetic and living concept that 
embraces the beauty of things that are  imperfect and impermanent.
Finding beauty and elegance in the simple, modest and humble. 

A little Wabi-Sabi thought for yourself...

"when the Japanese mend broken objects,
they aggrandize the damage
by filling the cracks with gold.
They believe when something’s suffered and
has a history that it becomes more beautiful."
~ Billie Mobayed

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese/Buddhist concept wherein
imperfection is seen as beauty,
focusing on an acceptance
of the transience and ethereal quality of all things.


an appealing feature to notice about this bowl
in addition to its rich red glaze and unique scalloped edge,
is that it has been broken and put back together.
It has survived. It remains useful.
It still brings joy and has no need to be 'perfect'.

The idea is that if we can learn to let go, 
acknowledge that nothing is permanent, finished,
or perfect, we can learn to be more present in our daily lives.

This then gives us an appreciation for all the beauty and
the usefulness of all things, no matter how humble.
This concept is meant to be 
extended to ourselves as well.
And believe it can be life-changing way of thinking.

Do you enjoy this idea?

Let me know your thoughts on Wabi-Sabi.
to me, it's yet another way to...

live beautifully! 

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