How To Get More From Your Workout: 4 Types For Mind+Body Benefits

Many of us are pressed for time when it comes to workouts, which can make it
tempting to skip it. (I know I've done that!) But really, that's so not a good thing.
So instead of missing your workouts, what would be better is for the time
you spend on your workouts be as efficient as possible.

Check out these 4 Practices that
pack the most punch for your time.

I've compiled 4 kinds of exercise activities that come with multiple benefits for body and mind. Each group offers exercises that work multiple body areas, such as aerobic, cardio, toning, lengthening/flexibility and strengthening workouts. There's also ones that involve discipline; combining mental concentration with physical control, simultaneously all from one workout.

Wow. (yay!)Most of them can also be done either on your own, or in a guided group class.

My examples are only the most popular - you may find others that become your passion.
Many are great at any age, as long as you start slowly at first. I love exercise activities from each of these groups, and you might, too. But whatever you do, just keep moving.

Your Life-Style becomes your Body-Style, and a moving body is a healthy body.

1. Controlled Movement Strength/Endurance Training

(Yoga, Ballet, Pilates, Qi Gong, Cardio Barre)

Benefits: mental health and mood improvement, mind-body connection,

mild aerobic, stretching, flexibility, stress reduction, strengthening,

endurance, balance, heart health.

2. Martial Arts

(Kick-Boxing, Capoeira, Kendo, Tai Kwan Do, Tai Chi)


Benefits: strength, agility, mental discipline, cardio, aerobic, agility, stress-release.

There are many types of Martial Arts to choose from;
see them here

 Learn more about why they're good for you here

3. Full Body Outdoor Aerobic Activities

(Outdoor Hiking, Vigorous Walking, Swimming, Cross-Country Skiing)

Benefits: mental health, balance, weight loss, Vitamin D source,

connection to nature, mood enhancement.

4. Horseback Riding/Equestrian Activities

(Hunt Seat, Dressage, Western, Trail Riding, Ring Exercises, Barrel Racing)

Benefits: cardio, stress relief, self-discipline, muscle-toning, spritual connection

to an animal, coordination, concentration, balance.

Learn about why this is a fantastic exercise activity here

Which are your favorites, and why?
My personal favorites are horseback-riding, swimming, Tai Chi and ballet/barre,

with Qi Gong as my fav activity for light physical movement and for de-stressing.
What haven't you done that you'd like to try?
 I'd love to hear from you!
 In happy, healthy mind, body and spirit,