ECO FASHION: Get Your Bangles On! My 5 Picks For Eco-Friendly Bracelets by Independent, Sustainable, Made in USA Jewelry Designers

Bold Beautiful Eco-Friendly Bangles & Bracelets

~My Picks For Your Made In USA Wrist~
I love bracelets! Especially when they are 

specially made with care for the earth.
Here's my list of some of the best Independent
designers who create beautiful jewelry
using recycled and eco-friendly materials, 
sustainable practices, they contribute
philanthropically, and do it all in
the USA!  
Take a look and think of them next time
you're shopping for bracelets, 

or any jewelry accessories!

My 5 Independent Eco Jeweler Bangle Picks:

1. Nashelle 
Not only striking contemporary
designs in recycled materials,
 but committed to giving back, too. 
We ♥ Nashelle!


2. Hovey Lee
The whole package: beautiful
designs, eco-friendly, recycled,
 made in Los Angeles, 
ethical and charitable.
Some gorgeous LA Eco-Love for you!

3. Kirsten Muenster Jewelry
Trained metalsmith continuing her family's
tradition from her studio in San Francisco.
Sustainable, recycled metals and 
unique natural materials - all ethically sourced.
Creating beautiful positive change!


4. Fotini Designs
Native NYC girl
Fotini Marcopulos,
experienced Jewelry maker, 
she now creates her own designs using 
non-toxic materials and recycled metals, 
and also contributes to varied philanthropic causes.
NYC Girl shows her love for her city and the world!


5. Color By Amber
With uniquely styled pieces, Amber puts
her Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good
motto into every superbly styled piece. 
Make her mantra your own and rock an eco cuff!
 I hope you've enjoyed meeting these 
wonderful, caring and creative artists.
Now you know where to go to
get all bangled up, Eco-American style!

Be sure to leave a comment
for me and let me know...
which is your favorite?

Till next time, 
live beautifully!