Learn How To Properly Brew Your Tea For More Flavor and Health Benefits

Did you know?
Tea can help your heart, boost your brainpower, 
keep your metabolism humming, and more. 
Recent scientific studies suggest that one cup of tea
may contain up to five times more
antioxidants than any fruit or vegetable...!

Tea Brewing Basics
Grab a teabag, dump it into a cup of boiling water.

Well, not exactly. If you're looking to
brew a cup of tea that soothes
the senses, tastes delicious
and maximises the health benefits,
 then read on...
Making the perfect cup takes some practice. 
Bruce Richardson, the author of many tea books, 
says "The lighter the tea, the 
cooler the water should be."
Best Brewing Temperatures For Each Variety
White: 155°
That's way off of boiling temp, 
which is 212°. Let the water rest for 
three minutes before you pour.
Green: 165° 
After boiling, let the water rest for 
two minutes before pouring.
Oolong: 200°  
Get the water close to a boil before pouring, 
or let it rest for a minute after boiling.
Black/Herbal: 212° 
No resting. 

Steeping Time
Generally, three to five minutes is fine for all of them.  
But there is more to it.
Increase your tea knowledge and
read the entire informative article:
Steep Perks: Why Drinking Tea Is Good for Your Health

 for now,
enjoy a beautiful cup of warm tea.
breathe deeply.
live beautifully,